Instalation a server

Hi My problem is: -when run the NF Server, it show the next message:“Unable to connect to the server’s process. This is because the server is running as a service using a system account. Please run the client using the network instead.” I do not understand what is the same of this. My server is a win2000 and in the services file i add then line “SERVERNAME 3001/TCP”. I tried with 2407 and the result is the same.

Try to stop the service called “Navision Server ‘your servername’” and then run the server.exe again. Alternate change the startup type to manual, so the Navision server program can start the service even after restart of the server.

Make sure that a valid Navision licens is used by the Navision Server.

Under NT 4 the system account has NO network rights, should be the same on W2K. Try to set up a new account with appropriate rights and see whether this works.

Hi, Dr. Jones, If you modify the standard installation for using the port 3001 instead of navision’s default, you’ve not only to change the server Services file adding the line SERVICENAME 3001/tcp but the client’s computer too, so the client has a reference for knowing wich port has to use for connecting to the server. I used to include too an alias on the DNS for the service, calling it in a different way as the machine is. Regards, – Alfonso Pertierra Spain