Inserting data using array

I need to insert the data into journals (project management and accounting>>journals>>hour) using array…

1 header multiple lines are there…

any one having idea about it how to insert it using array…plzz reply…

i need to insert dynamic column in the report please help me.

i have one report format like given bellow

customer name < add here dynamic month up to current date> < apr2010> …

Please suggest me


What type of data ,you want to insert.?which data type?

what is the logic you are using?

i want to develope report as given bellow format

customer name before april 2012 april2012 may2012 june2012 july2012 aug2012 total

reliance 0.00 10.00 12.00 5.00 10.00 24.00 61.00

i want the ageing report customer wise. please suggest me how to add month as a dynamic in the report.

i have select dialog as a month, year for starting the month

I want to simply insert the data in journal by passing the parameters.

For that i have insert the data by use of parameters…I dont have any idea about array in X++…