Insert values.....

Hai All…

I have a table containg column name and value of another table, which is to be inserted.

How can I Insert without specifying each field = it’s value. Any thing like dynamic query in SQL.

Can anyone help me about this problem?


This should help you:

It shows how to update an existing record, but you can also create a new record, using “common = dictTable.makeRecord();”

You can fill the field values, because you have the fieldnames. “fieldId = fieldname2id(_tableId,_field);” will get you the correct fieldId to set the value (see example in link).

You just have to call “common.insert();” after you have filled all the fields, and preferably do a validateWrite() before inserting.

This is what I was excatly looking for.

Thank you very much Mr.Bjorn…