Insert Table AXAPTA From query insert in SQL Management Studio

Guys, i need your help.

i have a table in AXAPTA database, and then i insert data into the table with query in sql management studio. but in AXAPTA i didnt find the data that i insert. can you give the solution?

Synchronize the database from AX and still if you not able to see the data in AX then please let me know the tables in which you inserted the data from SQL.

Administration->Periodic->SQL administration->Table actions->Synchronize database


As much as possible, NEVER INSERT data into AX table directly from SQL.

In your case, what dataarea Id did you enter from SQL?

thanks harish, so what is the solution?

there is another way?

there is another solution?


Can you let us know the following -

  1. What table(s) are you inserting data into?

  2. And what are you trying to achieve?

I have data in another Database and i want to insert the data into Database AXAPTA. the table AXAPTA that i want to insert is a new table in AXAPTA.

my solution is, i create agent job in SQL Server, the agent can run every night. but it didnt work.

could you help me harish? thanks…

You need to insert the following fields with their respective value-

1)All mandatory fields of the table
2)RECID( Insert a bigint value)

After insertion of data, synchronize the database from AX as mentioned in my previous post.

hi guys, thanks for your reply. it works! the problem is in field DATAAREAID. when i insert data, the default is DAT. so it didnt show in my company ahahaha