Insert second table fields

I have two tables. I design one form for two tables. I enter second table fields in form but not enter in second table. Please tell me for code is anything.

Are you using Form & Subform Concept ?

IF yes then check Sales order & Sales order subform for reference.


Thanks for reply . I without sub form how will show.

One form bound to one table only.

For insertion record in second table you need to define variables for showing it on the form and write a code for inserting record in second table.

Yes, I defined Variables .I want that code. And what I will write in on form open() in form

You just need to write a code to insert record by assigning variables to actual fields of Second tables.

Thanks for reply, what I will write in control on validate().

No one will give you the complete ode in forum

you need to try yourself and let us know what didnt work

You can create one button and write a code on button trigger.

Thanks for reply, am the beginner that’s why am asking