Insert Empty Row When Form Opens

Hi All ,

I have Insert an empty row while opening the form.Every time the form should opens with an empty row.My forms is

Account Receivable->Periodic->Sales Update->Invoice.

Tell me the possibilities…

Thanks in Advance…

Call salesParmTable_ds.create() in run method of the form, if the document status is invoice and if it satisfies the below conditions. These are the same conditions used to enable create on this data source
Make sure to check this change doesn’t have any impact when the same form is called from a sales order form for posting the invoice.

Thanks for reply kranthi.

Some changes in my requirement.In that form ,after clicking the select button the prompt box will open with a grid and two command buttons called Add and Remove.If u click add the new row will be inserted.That row should be inserted without clicking that add button.

Form name ->SysQueryForm

Pls tell me the solution

What is the need for this requirement?

Hi kranthi ,

This is the task which is assigned to me.Thats it…

I think you should not be modifying the sysQueryForm.
If you know the table and field, then you can directly add a range to the underlying query. So that it would be seen as new record.

Thanks kranthi.I will try…Still It’s cofusing…

Ask, what should be the table and field for newly created row(that is now happening by clicking Add)?

Add is a command button and its property set to new,So it create new empty record. How can i do this without add button?

can you please tell me where I should write the query whether in Run method of Form datasource.

Yeah.In Run method of form you have to write the query…

Thanks Gopinath.
But applying query range is still confusing.