Insert Data

can I insert data from one form to another form,by a button clicked method as I had created a menu item button …I want all the records

It is not actually inserting data into a form rather a data source (table).

Does the data sources in the two forms are same or different? If different how they are related?

yes the only way you can insert data is through relation only


data sources are diffrent.Fileds are same.I have created one form with 10 records and with a menuitembutton which opens another form with same fields.I want after I click menu item button form shoul open with alll records.Why is there aneed of relation.

You need to insert records from table in first form to table in second form before opening the second form.

Do you really want all the records in the first table to be copied to second table? If multiple users uses the same form you may see a problem, it may copy all the records.