Insert Conv.LCY Rndg .Lines. in General Journal

Hi masters,

In General Journal form. There is a menu button FUNCTIONS.

i have a function - Insert Conv.LCY Rndg .Lines.

what is the use of this funtion , how can i use this in practical scenerio.

please throw some light on this.

Does what it says on the tin - taken from the help:

When you enter foreign currency amounts in a general journal, the program will automatically convert the amounts to LCY. However, even if all the journal lines balance in the foreign currency, when each journal line is converted and rounded to LCY, their LCY sum may not balance. This means that a balanced transaction in foreign currency may not balance in LCY, and can therefore not be posted.

You can use the Insert Conv. LCY Rndg. Lines function to insert a rounding correction line in the general journal. This rounding correction line will balance LCY when the foreign currency amounts also balance. You can then post the journal.

Before you use this function, you must specify the G/L accounts that the program will use for the rounding correction. You specify these accounts in the Conv. LCY Rndg. Debit Acc. and Conv. LCY Rndg. Credit Acc. fields in the Currency table.