Insert Blank Line in the Body Section of Report?

Hi, I have to put some column lines on the report, and they covered the header, body and footer section of the report. When there are records in the body section, the column lines will be printed. For the blank spaces (empty records), the column lines will not be shown. I didn’t know what to do in order to display the column lines on the empty spaces. Any idea? Sincerely, Sylvia Tsang Management Software Solutions, Inc.

Count the lines you’ve printed on a variable. After the records dataitem add another one that will print empty-with-column-lines lines on your report so you can fill the report until reaching the maximum number of lines in that page. Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

May I have some more hint? I just created an integer dataitem, right underneath the Sales Invoice Line dataitem, and input some codes on the triggers: OnPreDataItem() MaxLines := 21; LinesNeeded := MaxLines; LinesPrinted := “Sales Invoice Line”.COUNT; Blank := 0; PagesNeeded := ROUND(LinesPrinted DIV MaxLines); PrintBody := FALSE; OnAfterGetRecord() Blank := Blank + 1; IF PagesNeeded <=1 THEN BEGIN LinesNeeded := LinesNeeded - LinesPrinted; REPEAT Blank := Blank + 1; UNTIL Blank = MaxLines; END; Nevertheless, I still didn’t get any blank lines. So, what did I do wrong? Sincerely, Sylvia Tsang Management Software Solutions, Inc.

Hi Sylvia What i suggest i something like this: OnAfterGetRecord() IF LinesPrinted + Integer.Number >= LinesNeeded THEN CurrReport.BREAK; Remeber to set a filter on the integer dataitem where number > 0. Best regards Morten Thorsager jbelushi