Insert a record in a BC specific table from Power Automate

Hello everyone.

Is someone can help me about connection between BC and Power Automate ? I have Power Automate with BC connector, and I need to insert a record in a specific table that I already created in BC. But in Power Automate I can see only Standard tables (like Sales, Purchase, Customer…) but not my specific table.

Do you know if it’s possible to reach a specific table in BC from Power automate connector ?

Thanks in advance for your help.



for custom tables you must work with API’s or CDS, create custom connector


How to Create a PowerApp with Business Central:

Thanks for your answer. If I understand It’s not possible to have a direct access on custom tables from Power automate ? I need to develop a connector with PowerApp before ?


Yes with the standard bc connector is only possible to access at the pre defined entities/tables