Initial Install - License Information

Hello, We are new to Axapta and have just been provided with our License Codes. I have installed Axapta and SP3 (not the demo install) and worked through the Install check list. When I entered my License Code it seemed to be accepted (the status changed to “Ok” or another appropriate message). But when I logon to Axpata, it always connects in Demo Mode (displayed on title bar of Axapta window). So I do not have access to all the functionality. Is there a flag somewhere to switch out of demo mode or have I missed sonmething? I have tried technet, looked at docmentation and also visited a number of forums, but nobody seems to have had this problem! Have I done something wrong during installation?? Thank you, Alpesh

Hi, Did you load the file named AxCodes#######.txt and after it saw “******” marks on some modules & functionality ? br

Hello, We were provided with a file CodeLetter.######.RTF, that we could not import on the License window. So, we manually entered each code. Following the entry of each code, “" appeared in place of each code and the status column returned a value ie Ok or another message. Following the entry of the codes, I close the window and continue and when I then go back in to the License window, the "” is replaced by the orignal code that I entered and that status columns is blank! Alpesh

Hi again It seems Axapta did not accept some your codes. Did you copy paste the licence number and owner name at the top fields also because other codes are compared against these two. br,

Good Morning, I have copied and pasted each value, and get the same result. I guess I’ll have contact MBS and ask them to test the codes. I’ll let you know the result. Alpesh

Hi If you are an Axapta dealer, you can go to Partnerguide on the “Commerce” tab and let the license files be delivered again (also the “txt” that you can import). If you are not an Axapta dealer, request the codes from your dealer.

Hello, I contacted MBS and thet supplied me with a new License files. All is well now. Thank you, Alpesh