Indirect costs

Is there a way to make Attain automatically count which part of the indirect costs must be associated with the manufacture of the particular item in proportion to the direct cost and so on? I mean, I know that there’s a field where you can enter a percentage for an item, but is there a batch job or something to fill the fields automatically? Thanks in advance.

No, you have to do it manually. Standard, that is. However, I have done a [cost-price]calculation based on purchprice and many various costs, and this routine calculates a cost% pr purchline. Beware that Navision 3.x-versions do not use “Indirect Cost %” on PurchLine, it only uses the cost% on the item itself. But version 3.70a does use the one on PurchLine Actually I heard that PurchLines Cost%-field was to be deleted from Navision - but fortunately those plans seems to be dropped.