Indirect cost from the costing sheet not being realised in Production


I am working with a manufacturing customer who are using a costing sheet for the cost of production. We have set up the costing sheet with all the relevant costs.

When production is started the defined costs are visible in the cost calculation as estimated consumption but at the end of production one of the costs are not being realised. The cost in question is a Surcharge for a commission fee which has been set up as an indirect cost on the costing sheet and is set as a percentage (2%). The posting profiles appear to be set up correctly but I am not sure why this is not being realised.

Look at the calculation, and what it is actually applied to. I would guess it is something like a charge calculated on the consumption of a node that is estimated as being consumed, but in the actual production never is. So work out what it is attached to (route, BOM level, Item) and then validate that this is being consumed.