Index Defrag tool

I came to know about the Index Defrag tool is a Dynamics NAV tool that comes along with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SQL Resource Kit.

I have never came across with such tool? What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV SQL Resource Kit.? Is it in NAV installaion DVD?

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There used to be a MBS Navision Tools CD long time ago - the last one I have is for v4, published in 2005 - a little bit outdated by now [;)] and I think such “product” is discontinued now, instead, all it’s contents is available separately on CS/PS. Even the site from where I downloaded it has vanished in the maelstrom of History.

Among other, it included IndexDefrag tool you’re asking about. If interested, I could upload it here, I don’t think it is still for internal use only - or is?

Full TOC:

The Content of the Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision W1 4.00 Tools CD Update 1

The Microsoft Navision Tools CD contains all the necessary tools for optimizing the implementation of customer solutions.

The Microsoft Navision 4.00 Tools CD contains Upgrade Tools, Translation Tools, Implementation Tools, Online Help Tools and Documentation Tools.

On the CD we introduce the following new and updated tools:

Application Benchmark Toolkit 1.00

This tool allows Navision VARs, ISVs and vertical partners to conduct performance tests on Microsoft Navision 3.70 and 4.00.

The Application Benchmark Tool has been developed to put a realistic load on the server in order to monitor the true performance of Navision. The tool contains some standard business processes but new custom processes can easily be added and the tool thereby supports the measurement of both customized and vertical solutions.

SQL Server Resource Kit
This document describes several considerations that Navision consultants must bear in mind when they are implementing the Microsoft SQL Server Option for Navision. This resource kit is designed to be used with Navision 4.00 and SQL Server 2000, even though some of the articles are based on previous versions of the products. The document is divided into several sections that correspond to the different phases of implementing the SQL Server Option: Planning, Design, Implementation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Navision Developer’s Toolkit
The new 2.0 version supports Navision 4.0 MenuSuite, XMLPort objects and the SQL Server database option. Furthermore, all known errors have been corrected in this version.

The Navision - Security Hardening Guide

The guide describes the best practices for running Navision in a secure environment and contains general recommendations for making your network more secure.

The Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision W1 4.0 Tools CD contains all the tools you need to optimize the implementation of customer and vertical solutions.

All partners should read the new Navision Tools License Agreement available on the Tools CD.

Toolkit content

The following components are on the Tools CD:
- FrameMaker templates

- Word templates

- GUI Check Tool

- Navision - Security Hardening Guide
- Performance Troubleshooting Guide
- SQL Server Resource Kit
- User Rights Setup
- Converting from Win help to HTML Help
- Tools for HTML format
- Compare and Renumber Tool
- Navision Developers Toolkit

– Application Benchmark Toolkit

The following has been removed from the Tools CD since 3.70:
- Screen Capture
- CAL Guide
- Tools for Winhelp
- Translation Tools (NLW)

Thanks for detailed answer.

So this tool is no more in NAV 2009? What is the replaced tool in NAV 2009?

Why it is obsolete? Is it not useful?


If it’s the Index information tool You’re looking for You can find it here:

Also take a look in the pdf on this blog post. There you’ll find T-SQL for index defrag.