increase Filed size in Item Card


i wanted to increase Field Size for Field ‘Description’ in Table Item so that the user can create Items which are more than 30 characters…

I could change the field size in Item Table, but when i enter an item description which is more that 30 characters long i get an error which says like

“Overflow under Type Conversion of Text to Code”

My SW consultant says i cant modify the field size…!!! isnt that strange?

pls help…

It is possible, just not recommened. To complete this you would have to find EVERY reference to the Description field of the Item card and increase it every where that it is used. Thats Table Field, Globals, Locals, Parameters etc…

So whilst you can, you shouldn’t really as you will spend an age trying to find all the places in the system to update.


did you increase it already? when you enter the description it fills in the SEARCH Description.

Like said above changing that field also means you have to change it everywhere it appears in the system.

If you look at the table there is a “Description 2”. You can add that to the item card right under the regular description. All our descriptions are 60 characters.

I combine the 2 to get the 60 characters.

I simply add Description2 where needed in forms, reports etc.

Item.Description+’ '+Item.“Description 2” to combine.

Here is a [Link ^] to a similar question.

yeah savatage, i did exactly that to kind of convince the users… adding desc 2 in Forms and Reports… but still in some forms am not able to,since their Source table doesnt consists Desc 2 … some of them are crucuial

eg:- Form- Production BOM

I wanted to add Desc 2 in the Production BOM Line but table “Production BOM Line” doesnt have Desc 2 as one of its fields. It would have been a great thing if the users were able to see the full description (read Desc + Dec2) of the components they have added to particular FG in BOM…

Have you tried to add a GET to retrieve the item table info?