Increase digits after decimal to 4

Hi all,

Below snapshot is of AP>Invoice Journal>Lines>Withholding tax… I want 'withhold tax amount ’ to be calculated till 4 decimals.In setup parameter i have increased the decimal to 4 for the field which is used to calculate the value.When i debug on this form value of amount comes from TmpTaxWithholdWorkTrans_IN.SourceTaxAmountCur… I am not able to find where can i change this 2 decimals to 4 decimals.

Please kindly look in issue and try to help.

Thanks in advance.

In order to change the decimal values to 4 digits, you have to change the properties of EDT to take 4 decimal digits. however it changes all the fields associated with this EDT.

If you don’t wanna go this way, you can create a new EDT with 4 decimal places and assign it to that field.