Incorrectly invoiced purchase order

Hi all, in Ax2009, is it possible to solve this problem…

I have a purchase order of 10,000 units.

The supplier sent a sample of 10 units. The sample was received and invoiced.

The purchasing team created a new purchase order for the same amount.

We now have two purchase orders for the same amount. I want to zero out the first purchase order somehow. Is that possible?

The purchase order is not a blanket order, so it appears to affect MRP as well, as MRP thinks that the quantity is still due, so it will not generate new planned orders for the item.

What do you think?


You can either change the quantity to 10, which will set the on order to 0 and the status to inoviced, or you can use the deliver remainder function on the line and cancel the remaining on order amount. Both will mean there is no impact on planning for the outstanding 9990 units.