Incorrect setup of dimension groups

We are currently going thru the process of setting up AX 2009 and we are receiving an error when we go to the Inventory MGT\Dimensions\Dimension Groups. I can not pull up the dimension groups but I can pull up everything else. Number Groups and items below the Item dimensions just not when I go to Dimension Groups. Any thoughts or anyone else seen this?


What is the error ?

The error is : Incorrect Setup of Dimension Groups

Fixed…an overzealous developer put some bad code out there.

Fixed…an overzealous developer put some bad code out there.[:D][:D]

We have just struck the same error message … when trying to split a Production Order that has a Quality Orders requirement.

I’d be interested to know the location and nature of the fix that was provided.

Many thanks


Run Basic → Consistency Check…

They corrected the code they put in, nothing standard, purely customer specific.