Inconsistent Data Type in G/L Account Table "No."

The situation is following - taking the standard Cronus database in each country: The G/L Account Number field (“No.”) datatype is defined differently depending on which country’s Navision you are running. In 3.70 Navision, the “No.” field in this table (15), is defined as follows: - Switzerland - Text 20 - France - Code 20 - Spain - Text 20 - Germany - Code 20 - Italia - Code 20 Does anyone know the reason for this inconsistency? I am assuming it is for sorting and data presentation reasons, but is there another (better) reason than that? Does anyone have any experience with this, particularly with consolidations, taking data from multiple countries into one database? I have not tried consolidating in this manner yet, but I am fearful of it not working due to this inconsistency.

It might have been done to get Navision-SQL databases to sort the same way as Native Navision, maybe…? BTW: GB - Code 20

Yes, it is a question of sort order. Portugal: Text20

Indonesia : Code 20 (Indonesia uses A-Z same like English letter).