Includes Digital Signature in Reports

Hi guys,

anyone ever implement digital signature in version 5?
i would like to include them in reports eg: do/ si

You need to store the digital signature as image in the reports, you can also show the same if required on writing some code.

hi manish,

i reckon image will be a better choice, but in navision, when i declared a field of blob where can i store the image?

You can store the image in the company info table.

hi manish,

but company info consist of * in the picture field… i am sorry for asking stupid questions but where can i store the physical file of the image file (eg: *.jpg/ *.bmp etc etc)

Please check the company info form also where there is a function ti export & import the image.

You can also see the image in the form.

hi Manish

i got them from company information form import picture button and copy the code over, now it works like a clock work! [:D]