IncludeInDataset Property on reports

In NAV 2009 SP1 the IncludeInDataset property for variables of the type Boolean and Integer.

What is really the purpose of this property. The explanation on MSDN doesn’t really say it. Or I just don’t understand it.

Not that I know for sure. It has been a while since I worked with RTC reports.

IncludeInDataset means that the value of the variable is available in the data set that is passed to the RDLC report. This should do the same thing as putting the variable in one of these “yellow and hidden textboxes” on a report section in CC to have it then available in the RTC report.


See that was actually what I had expected when it comes to reports! But I’m not able to find these variables in the report. [:(]


I too encountered same when modifying a report, and had exported the report to a text file, and modified the text where I can see the property, and then imported back the text file. I know this is not the best way, but just to get the work done.