"Include physical value" check box in the item model group

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In the item model group under the “Inventory” model tab we can find check box named “Include physical value” , I read at Microsoft website that this check box is used ti include the physically received quantity amount in calculating the item running average cost , I using the weighted average ion my costing , what is the best best option in this case to activated or deactivate this check box because Microsoft explain that the cost calculation will be different ??

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The better option will be to disable it. If you check this box then weighted average will include physical inventory also. But if you run closing, it will ultimately take the financially updated price only. So i think it’e better to exclude this.


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I beleive it is only applicable in average costing and if you “want” the rolling physical to include received not invoiced values in its running calculation then select it, but this will be a discussion to be had with the customer.