Incadea, Sales Lines, Validate Qrt. to Ship

Hello all you Incadea Developers. From with in my Codeunit if I VALIDATE the Quantity for the Sales Line Table it does not work out the Qty to Ship. (And yes I have stock for this Item). If I perform the same function as above on the Service Order Table the Qty to Ship is calculated. I think it’s got to do with the function CurrFieldNo = 0 but dont the conciquance if I remove these lines from the Sales Line Table. Look forward to your Input. Regards Graham

Hello, i am not familiar wiht Incadea, but if it is based on the standard functionality of Navision ( whole objects, not just the IDE ), we can look something closer now. You said, you thought that CurrFieldNo = 0 is the reason for your problem. What is embarassing you to find it out yourself? Did you try to debug that area of source code, where your Validate is called, and what happens if the debugger steps in the Validatetrigger in field quantity? CurrfieldNo = 0 means: No manually fieldinput by somebody in front of the screen, so if currfieldno is 0, everything will be done by (your) sourcecode. So if you remove this lines, all orders belonging to that statement, won’t be made in future. Regards, Tobias Weber

Oops, it’s late. I’d better had to go to bed. I mean, if you delete all lines belonging to Currfieldno = 0, will cause, that any change of data wich were caused by these lines in the past, won’t be executed in future but that’s absolutely clear and mustn’t be mentioned by me. [:o] I guess, you meant, you are unsure what will be the results in other areas of your database, if these lines will be deleted. I do not know that either, i just want to refer to the behave of Currfieldno = 0. So if you delete only the lines with introduces ( and occurationally ends ) this statement, code will be executed, regardless of manually or automatic input. Regards, Tobias Weber

Why don’t you just ask Incadea? CBS is an Incadea partner, as I remember from earlier days. It also depends on your version: Incadea 2.30 HFxx, 3.00?