Inalid Consumption value


While i am finding the consumption value from Item->Price->Calculation->Complete, the actual consumption value is expected but the round figure is displayed. Please go through below short ex. for an item.

→ Height = 6

→ Width = 6

Now on the BOM Line I have set hte formula = ‘Height * Width * Constant’ and the measurement fields are,

→ Height = 2

->Width = 2

Now from the Main BOM item (on item page), click on the Price->Calculate->Complete.

The actual result should be ‘3.9204’ (as per the equation '(Standard height * Conversion factor * Standard width * Conversion factor * Calculation Quantity = 60.3360.331 = 3.9204) but the consumption field shows me the ‘4’ which is not expected by my scenario.

Please advice me to resolve this.