in transit warehouse

Hi ,

I have qty in error in transit warehouse … what i have to do to remove them … negative adjust OR item reclassification journal

I tried to use item reclassification journal to remove from transit warehouse …but it seems transit warehouses doesn’t work in item reclassfication journal … it is giving a message ( theris no inventory in transit ) …Transit is name of warehouse Use in transit …


If you have quantity in transit location probably it was putted there using transfer order. Confirm you don’t have open transfer orders.

Nuno ,

I have no transfer order open to this item .

But one of the end users did a Transfer order and post as ship no +66 then he realize that the line was wrong … then he deleted the posted shipment +66 document …

So The qty in the transit stuck there … and also the inventory is decreased due to ship +66

after that he do another new shipment +67 and posted … so the inventory there for that item has been decrease in double …one for +66 and one for +67 …

and as well the qty in transit is stuck due to ship+66

I need to adjust by negatively to transit and postively to inventory …then i went to item reclassification solution … and didn’t accept transit warehouse … Am i doing something wrong OR we must go to another solution …

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i made the same test you talked about.

Create TO, post ship, delete shipment.

when i go back to TO, to delete it, even if the shipment is deleted, you cannot delete the transfer line “qty shipped must be 0”

so make sure that the transfer order is not pending.

You can probably fix it through item journal . Take it of transit and put it on transfer to location (just watch the cost).

Though i’m not sure how he could have delited released transfer order (in standard NAV it can’t be done).

To me this looks like you have made a hack to NAV to allow the deletion. You need ot figure out what was deleted and how, and then recreate it, possibly from a backup. Adjusting inventory is not going to make this go away.

Standard Navision doesn’t allow deletion of transfer orders with items in transit location. It was made some kind of customization to allow that deletion.

I can’t confirm you without trying, but I think you can’t adjust directly in transit items using std. items journals. I think you must make some customization. In NAV 4.0 SP2 items having serial number tracking with could be locked. Those locked orders had to be adjusted using item journals. I don’t remember exactly if I had to make some kind of customization. The only thing I remember you must apply to item ledger entries those adjustments.

Hi Rome, David , Nuno

Romeo …no pending transfer orders … yes you are right it will give qty shippied must be zero …but…

after we suprised that they deleted the posted transfer shipment and not the transfer order .---->from transfer order —> they go order button —> shipment —.> deleted

Then we customize to delete the qty to ship… because we were stuck no shipment for this transfer … and qty to shipped is filled … (really they did mistake and promised now no to delete any tranfer posted documents … )

But Now only i have to look to a suitable solution .

Do we have to adust them from item journal as postive adjustment and negative adustment …

or from item reclassification which doesn’t accept to remove from transit ware house ( but here pls if any body can test it )


Yes the best solution is to item journal them out of the in-transit location and then decide whether to bring them back on stock somewhere and reference the GL entries from these movements. However you obviously need to resolve teh issue to prevent it happening again!

In those big messes If prefer using reclassification journal with a hack to simulating original transfer order. By using reclassification journal in that way and if stock is to be kept in inventory I can have correct costing since is directly applied to original entry. Just my personal opinion.

I would agree Nuno, but I believe the Intransit cannot be referenced by the reclassification journal, but the item journal can (according to Microsoft, I have not tried it [:D])

Out of box you can’t.
But with a small hack you can. I done it for a bug in tranfer orders in NAV 4.0 SP2.

I presume you mean small intelligent tweak, rather than “hack” [:D]


[;)] not sure if you were referring to me or Nuno

But I meant hack. As in a short to fix to a long term issue. Unfortunately someone has hacked the system too allow them to delete the transfer order, and now they need to reverese that hack with another hack. I have seen this many times (more with sales orders than transfer orders) where they can’t work out how to “delete” an order, so some code is modified to allow it, with out consequence to the long term effects.

The only way to properly fix this is to regenerate the deleted document and finalize the postin process.

Hi Nuno ,

I also prefer to use item reclassification …but as i said i couldn’t do it to intransit …Nuno as you tried to do this with little intelligent or hack as you want … Please can you guide me how you did it as you 've tried it and it was succeeded… if you can write here or if you want to send it to my email , i don’t mind…

this is my email if you want .

thanks for you all Rome…Nuno …Adamrou …David

Romeo if you have another suggestion please let me know …