In-Transit location

Hi Experts,

I have created a TO to go from one location to another. I have accidently posted the shipment without following the correct process. We are 2 weeks old with Nav 5.1 WMS so we are still learning.

Can someone please tell me how to reverse this?

Thanks experts.

what do you mean when you say “without following the correct proces”? if you ship misposted (wrong location) a TO, the only way to correct it is to continue the process of receiving and just do another TO to transfer/return it to original location. from there, as if the inventory is intact on it’s original location. just use the functionality of REASON code to explain why you are transferring back an item(s)

Hi Morris,

I have had a look at where the stock is currently sitting and it says In-Transit. By process i mean from start to finish of a Transfer Order. The process maybe different for our business, we have recently switched the Warehouse function on and so when i have to transfer stock to and from a location i have to follow the below process.

Create TO / release TO / Create Whse Shipment / Create pick / Register Pick / Post Whse Shipment / Post TO

I did the below:

Create TO / Post TO

now i’ve got no Shipment to post and no Picks to register.

I’m stuck.

Thank you very much for the quick response Morris.

Basically now you want to reverse the posted shipment which will enables the stock to reverse and come back to original location

I suggest following

  1. Reclassificatin Journal from In-Transit location to original location

  2. Receive the material at second location and then do reverse process i.e Create TO and transfer material back to original location