In person get-together in Milwaukee tomorrow night - FREE!

Anyone in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area interested in getting together with some other AX “enthusiasts?” I’m hosting a Meetup downtown tomorrow night after work. We’re heading to the Water Street Brewery so we can meet each other.

If you’re interested, either PM me or just join the Meetup and RSVP.

Totally free, except for whatever you might buy at the restaurant!


So who turned up and what was it like?

Would have loved to have popped in, but it is a bit far from here :slight_smile:

Yes how did it go? How many turned up?

[mention:713992e2cc394574827989c4d4af9bbb:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] Why not do it in England also? [:)]

Well, me and one other person. I’m still working on getting the Milwaukee network up and running! Adding people to LinkedIn feverishly and hoping to find some engaged people.

Is anyone on this board from Wisconsin? The only people that replied are from UK and Denmark :slight_smile:


I’ve been to Wisconsin. Does that count?


We had 5 people come to the meeting in Southern California and it was great. All new to AX excited to learn how to get more involved.

If anyone is interested, I just created a UK chapter also.…/

Maybe someone, I don’t know, in this tread would like to join?..