in AX 2012 is there anyway to set different revaluation accounts

My understanding of standard AX functionailty with regards to FX revaluation is that you can only define one account for posting the revaluation amount to - what if you want to post the trade debtors revaluation to one account, trade creditors to another, stock revalaution to another, fxied assets revaluation to another etc. ?

Is my understanding correct ?

Hi Simon,

Can you be more specific about your requirement? What exactly revaluation you are referring to here.

By revaluation, how are you planning to revaluate your debtors and creditors?



I have gone back to the fincance guy who is telling me this and have worked out what the issue is. It relates to FX revaluation of the balance sheet under IFRS where you need to show separate P+L accounts for non trading and trading gains/losses - because you only have one acclount to post to in the P+L you can separate - we are looking for a manual workaround so no worries.