Impulse WorkBench

Who can remind me the URL of the German development partners in charge of developing Impulse Workench. I remember when this tool was lanched so many other features were promised but the product has not evolve since it’s release.

Hi, Im not sure but is the URL for Impulse Workbench. Is anyone aware of Testing Tools for Navision ?? are they available on the Internet ?? Edited by - vshal on 2001 May 27 07:08:15

Does the latest version of Impulse workbench is now part of the Attain 3.6 or 3.7 CD ?

Hi Tarek, impuls work bench is now an MS product, and can be found on the Developers tool kit in ver 1.03. It has a great new improvement, in that it now interfaces to the database through C/SIDE, and no longer needs the text export/import. The only real disadvantage, is you can not use it with SQL. Unfortunately you still can not edit code directly.

Thanks David! I’m going to ask our NSC to send us the Version 1.30 of the developer tool kit. Nice to hear that you don’t need to import the objects as text as this process used to be quite time consuming when you were importing all the objects …

… but you need the granule in your licence to use the Developers Toolkit (“Source Analyzer” and “Compare and Merge”) and in our pricelist this granule is anything but cheap - as costly as the application builder granule! By the way, it’s available for download at and on Partnersouce aswell (version 1.03, haven’t seen version 1.3 so far [;)]), though I guess you might not have access to it. It’s definitly not available on the product CD. Saludos Nils

Indeed, it is a great tool. It even is a sales argument, it really impresses people to see the merge wizard for upgrades, to see the source finder, …