Impossible to create Time Sheet

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I have a problem on time sheet creation.

When i want to create TimeSheet i use the edit page “Create Time Sheets”, i specify Starting Date and No. of Periods.

When i validate this message appear : “0 time sheets have been created.”

How can i do ?

Thanks in avance!


Hi Arnaud,

Is this the first time you’re going to use the time sheets, or have you previously been able to create time sheets?

If you have never been able to create time sheets, then are you sure that you have been setting up the resources who are supposed to use time sheets? You need to need to both click yes to “Use Time Sheets” assign the “Time Sheet User ID” and the “Time Sheet Approver User ID”.

If you have been doing it before, then you need to check that the time sheets where not created previously.

Thx Erik !

Just question, where did you find this information ? Because i have done some search on internet, without success.

Other question, i have downloaded french version of Dynamics NAV 2013 and i have only the Database in french not the interface how can i do ?

Thx in advance :wink:

Hi Arnaud,

I’m happy that I could help you.

Where I found this information? I think I had the same error as you the first time I tried, and then I just used the help text, which explains what to do.

If you have downloaded the French database, then you will have it both in French and in English. If you click on the logo in the upper left corner, then you will see the Select Server and Select Company, but also the Select Language function. Here you’re able to change the application and database language to US-English. If that was what you were looking for.

Hello Erik !

I already did this following steps but it didn’t works.

I don’t want English interface, i’m french I prefer French interface to understand technical word :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !

So you’re saying that you cannot select French language, but that you only have English or?

Yes i have only English(default) language. When i want to select language i have this proposition list :

8625.liste selection langage.jpg

So i can’t select French ^^


Hi Arnaud,

Check if you have the French subfolder where your NAV client is installed. Typically thats here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\RoleTailored Client

You should have ENU and en-US, but also a FRA and fr-FR. If you already have it here, then you should also check if the NAV server has these two extra folders. The NAV server is installed on your server in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\Service

Without these folders you will not be able to change the language to French. The above will change the system language of NAV.

If you’re able to change all the system menus (like the “Select Language”) but the page names and fields are still in English, then it might be that you’re not even using the French database. This you can check in the system menu under Help->About Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Here it will say exactly what version and language the database is, e.g. my message says “Version GB Dynamics NAV 7.0”.

Excellent !!! Thx you so much Erik ! I copy/past this two folders and it works !

I don’t understand why the software installation didn’t make this.

Thanks AGAIN Erik !!! :slight_smile:


Hi Arnaud,

Installing NAV can be done in two ways. Either using the SETUP.EXE options, which installs everything what is needed, e.g. a full demo or just the clients. Or it can be installed by installing each component separately (using MSI files). If this option was used, then it’s also required to install the localizations located in the INSTALLER folder on the product dvd. My guess is that your installation was not done using the SETUP.EXE.

… strange, i have done my installation with the SETUP.EXE → Demo … it’s not problem now i know how i must do :stuck_out_tongue:

Thnx again and see u later :slight_smile: