Importing of Item from excel to AX 2012

Anyone can help me. i developed function that importing of list of item from excel to AX but when i clicked upload notification appear that “‘MovementTemplate.xls’ is being modified by user. Open as read-only?”. I want to remove that notification. Please help me and thanks in advace?

first off all basic thing is that excel sheet should be closed, and put in proper path, and see any excel thread is opened in task manager , first kill the thread and try to do it.

Hi srikanth,

Yes the excel sheet is closed and i’ll check in task manager no excel application running. i wonder why the said notification is appear. Do you have a sample xpo’s of importing of record(s) from excel to ax? so i can compare my procedure. Thanks in advance srikanth.

Please have a look at my blog post…/

I hope it will be useful.

Hi Johnkrish,

I’ll try your given link

Thank you


Haven’t you tired DIXF/DMF?…/jj225591.aspx…/