Importing Item master data

Hy experts,

can you please explain me the right way to import items using Data migration.

I cannot import from xml because it i get the following error: “The Base unit of measure does not exist”

When i try to import into this table than it says that the Item code does not exist

What is the solution?

Please help me!


You’ll need to manually create the base unit of measure at the time of import. You can do it in the OnAfterImport trigger.

Thank you, let me ask one more question.

The item table has the unit price column, how can i import values into this field? I fill my excel sheet I used during the import, but when i look at the item master daat in NAV the unit price field is empty?

What is the problem?


You are probably validating some field that is changing the unit price back to 0. In other words the order in which you validate your fields matters.

Try importing a file with one record and stepping through the debugger. This will tell you where the Unit Price is getting set.

I am not sure but i found this, can you please help me understand this?

I review the code on the item table 27 i found this:

“Unit Price” :=
(“Unit Cost” / (1 - “Profit %” / 100)) *
(1 + VATPostingSetup.“VAT %” / 100),GLSetup.“Unit-Amount Rounding Precision”);