Importing invoices

Has anyone imported invoices into Navision using C/FRONT (i’m using VB). I’m probably just going to be creating General Journal lines and posting them automatically using C/FRONT. Anyone [?]

It’s simple enough to write to the database using cfront. Just be aware that all validations have to be done by the VB developer, as cfront does not call any validations when writing to the database. Also, you won’t be able to post automatically: Attain does not expose its objects through cfront, so you can’t call for example. The only way around this would be to write to all the relevant tables (ledgers, posted docs, GST/VAT… - basically duplicate the posting process in VB) which would have a waaaaay below zero recommendation. But it can be done. andre

You should write your data to “new” tables in Attain and than write some code to put your data from those tables into standard navision tables (hence using the validate triggers, business rules in your application).

Hi, I think making report in Navision a powerful tool as SIFT technology, Pls add Key in required Table of combination of fields and While making report Use that particular key will generate report in desired format Thanks