Importance of the Dimensions link functionality

Hi Masters,

Generally during documents/journals creation users will attach the dimensions depened upon the transaction type.

But in Axapta we have Inventory management > Setup > Posting > Dimension link. .

I could not understand why we need to assign the Financial dimensions to Sites . ? because even we purchase the material for the same site , but dimension codes and values will change transaction to transaction. Then what is the advantage to have this functionality and how can we implement in a practical business.


Many businesses will dimension control teh sites as they are physcial and financial cost centres. By linking them if the user changes the site on the transaction document (sales order for example) the financial dimension is automatically altered.

Hi Steven ,

Assume that client has the 3 dimensions - Area , Dept , Purpose .

Can you tell me which dimension code and value user need to assign to site using posting dimension link functionality ?

Thanks in Advance.

Whichever one relates to the site to reflect the geographical location.