Importance of testing the database before doing the Upgrade.


What is the importance of Step 1 of the Upgrade Toolkit, i.e. testing the database?

What will happen if we continue to do the upgrade without doing the testing?

The reason I’m asking this is that we’re doing an Upgrade to one of our major clients and it took more than one whole day to do the testing ( Excluding the test for table field relationships).

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Its worth it at the end of the day! In this case, testing adds to your confidence, that the database you are about to upgrade, for one, you understand it, and better still, its functional!



Actually in a Native environment this is not as critical, more just a time saver, since the NAV fbk restore will find any critical errors anyway, BUT in a SQL environment like this it is very important. this will find things for example where lower case text has been inserted into a CODE field. I know that the logical view point is that if the errors are in the old database, then what difference is there. Well the key issue is that you are basically moving the database from the live server to the upgrade server, and its at that point that something can go wrong.

How are you planing to get the database across, will you do a NAV fbk, or a SQL backup or detach copy attach?

Hi David,

We will be taking a Navision 3.7 Backup and restore it on Navision 4.0. Right now, we’re doing the restore process and it is taking around two days to restore the backup.

Also, we’re having a downtime of only 2 days to do the upgrade by our client.

Depending on how are ahead your actual conversion will be you can test the database now and record the errors. Then see to it that they are corrected on the live database prior to the live conversion. Then you tests are less important.