Can someone please help me? I have created an import for journal lines. The transactions are in USD.

However after I have run the import, the amount in LCY doesnot get updated, it remains 0. Can someone please help me? screenshot is attached.

4774.untitled 2.bmp (304 KB)



did you use dataport functionality or the data migration?


can you try to run all over the transaction lines and press F2 and hit ENTER.

this is not validated but i heard from a colleague that dataport is only safe for use during uploading of beginning balances, but not on the actual current transactions.

do you mean select all lines, press f2 and enter?

you have to go all through each line of the foreign currency amount and press F2 and hit enter.

i experience similar problem on import of sales order header and sales order lines. the lines did not connect or associate with the header until such time that i ran through all the sales order header and press F2 then hit ENTER.

Another thing, do you select “ALL” in the appln. between Currencies in the General TAB on sales and receivable set-up and purchase and payable set-up?



I have entered the journal lines manually. However when I do test report, the report doesn’t give me the correct totals as shown below. It is only considering the first journal line. The screen shot is from RTC. On the server the total on the report is different. Can you please advise?

4118.untitled 3.bmp (3 MB)

in both cases teena’s & morris’ where lines “didn’t associate” it’s a problem with your dataport not validating fields and/or not validating them in the same order as manual entry would do.

Best way would to import your data into variable’s then on the onafterimport trigger to map them back to the standard nav fields validating where necessary.

can we do the import through data migration in RTC?

Savatage, regarding the last screenshot I attached, the entries were made manually. But still the total didn’t get updated on RTC. When I checked on classic, the total on the report was fine there. Why are the reports different? I am totally confused. It doesn’t make sense.

sorry for the late reply. i believe we belong in different timezones. got out from work already. did you try to use data migration? i think it is safe to use on import than the dataport. as much as possible we avoid using dataport and opt for data migration.

Hi Teena,

I agree with Savatage. Import the data to a variable and validate accordingly (same sequence when you do it manually) OnAfterImport.

If you got the correct result in Classic but not in RTC, the error would be in your Report Layout.

I have to disagree with Morris if he says that dataport is unsafe for a current transactions journal. AFAIK, there is no different with importing the Opening Balances and the transactional journal.



Tony and Morris,

Is there a guide somewhere on data migration on RTC. I do not know how to use this feature.

Thanks for your help