Import planned production orders from Excel


I’m using AX 2009. I’m trying to import planned production orders directly from Excel in order to generate a bunch of them at a time.

I export the ReqPO table and ReqTrans tables and then I import them back in order to test the procedure. I can see the planned orders on Master Planning main window but the action messages, future message or coverage rules are not automatically generated.

Anybody know why???

Thanks a lot,


Action messages and future messages are calculated in a separate step of master planning that happens after the coverage calculation (when the planned orders are generated). You won’t see action and future messages until the master scheduling process generates these orders. If you’d like, you can take a look at this blog post where I tried to explain the order of master planning processes:

Importing planned orders might not be the correct approach for whatever you’re trying to do. Why are you trying to import a large number of planned orders?


Hi Jake,

I want to calculate just the materials requirement planning so I just need to create the planned production orders.

Therefore in order to not create all of them one by one I wanted to import the entire pack at a time. But I have found out that the planned orders imported from Excel don’t trigger the requirements calculation.

Thank you anyways!


Hey Nacho,

I’m still having a tough time understanding what you’re looking for. You don’t want master planning to generate the material requirements for you? Do you not have the demand in the system for master planning to use with which to generate it’s own planned orders? Why can’t you use the ones that AX generates?


At a guess there is a separate production system controlling the production orders but they want AX to be used for the material requirements.

On the import of the planned orders you would need to call all of the logic and classes an MRP run would make, which would then disturb everything you are trying to import. Speak to a functional planning consultant who understands AX and what you are trying to do. I would suggest any action or future messages are irrelevant, AX is NOT your master production system so why would you want it to tell you to move a works order, or that you cannot do it, when you have already made the decision in a separate system?

Of course having the materials planned from a separate system to production should lead to some interesting and challenging situations [:D]

Hi Adam & Jake,

As Adam suggested I don’t want to schedule the POs. The production scheduling will be done out of the system. I want AX to calculate the material requirements. The issue was that imported POs don’t trigger the logic and clases that the MRP run would make even when I run it after the import (as Adam suggested too). So AX doesn’t créate planned purchase orders nor their dates.

I spoke to a functional AX consultand and he verified what Adam said.

Thank you both anyways :slight_smile: