Import PDF Purchase Orders & Invoices into Navision


I work for a distributor and we have a lot of large Purchase Orders and a large volume of invoices. Many of my customers send them via PDF attached to an email. Is there anything out there that will convert from a PDF to some kind of data file so I import it without re-keying everything? I need this for Purchase Orders, Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices in particular.

Thanks in advance.


Yes there is a product out there called EDI Link Connect. It will convert a PDF into a Navision compatible data file. It will also convert Excel files if your customers send Purchase Orders and invoices that way too.If you want more info, there is an article about it. The article talks about Quickbooks and Simply Accounting but I’ve used it for Navision too.

Importing PDFs/Excel into Navision Quickbooks or Simply Accounting

Hope that helps.


You can download and use the better pdf converter tool from here. Hope this might help you.

pdf converter