Import or export Blob

Hello, When exporting or Importing Blob, I wish that users be able to choose the place where recording of Blob. For that I just indicate that I want to use dialog window in the function. But the dialog always opens on the last directory used and not on the directory I specify. Ex: i specify ‘C:\em*.’ and in the dialog it open in ‘c:\temp’ and the file list shows '.*’. Does it exist a solution? Thank you.

Check out codeunit #412 (Common Dialog Management).

I don’t have CU 412, I use NF 2.60E

Look at form 346, Import option: PictureExists := Picture.HASVALUE; //IF Picture.IMPORT(’.BMP’,TRUE) = ‘’ THEN IF Picture.IMPORT('C:\em*.’,TRUE) = ‘’ THEN EXIT; IF PictureExists THEN IF NOT CONFIRM(Text001,FALSE,TABLECAPTION,“No.”) THEN EXIT; CurrForm.SAVERECORD;