Import of an excel file into the NumberSequenceTableListPage

Hi all,

I still need to change the value “stopped” from yes to no in the Number Sequence Table in the Organisation Administration > Number Sequences > Number Sequences … I ve tried it with the help of some coding but sadly it didnt work. So the next step would be to try to import an excel file into the NumberSequenceTable to change the value from yes to no with an import. Well thats the idea, but i dont know how to archive this. I need some help from more experienced users that i am. The best would be a step to step introduction how to archive my goal…

Thnaks to all that try to help me out…

For reference, the discussion started in Is there a fast way to unlock number sequences? (If you don’t want to continue with that, let’s close it.)

Now, what exactly do you need? Does it mean that you aren’t familiar with the Data Import Export Framework at all? Or do you have any particular problem with your specific task?

By the way, please always provide succinct thread titles and attach tags. I had to adjust this thread and I believe it was the case with your previous thread too.

Hi all,

please close this one. I made it, thanks to some coding. I would like to thank all that helped me out on this topic and show me the right direction how to solve this problem !