import master templates in ax 2009

Hi Everyone,

can u explain how to import customer and vendor master templates in ax 2009?

Write development scripts is the best way, matching to the export format. However this has been discussed many times on these forums, use the search functions.


You can go to Administrator>Periodic Import export data wizard by using of dis you can do export and import function just check it

Hi adam and sunil,

Thanks for ur reply but i want which tables are importing in ax to excel

You need to sit down and work it out based upon your requirements.

Hi Adam ,

thanks for ur reply

you didn’t understand my requirement,actually i want customer and vendor master table templates to export to excel sheet


rama u wan templates of customer and vendor table in excel fromatr rt ?

if u go to adimin module you will find export and import function is there . By using of export wizard we can do dat. Click export wizard you will get form there you need to select Tables .

Hi sunil,

Thanks for ur reply,but which tables i don’t know exactly

hi rama

you wan customer and vendor table templates in excel formate rt?

Go to adimin module you will find export and import function by using you can do dat. you will find export wizard if you click one form will get in dat form you need to select table what u wan after you click next next it will ask you export with data ext…

you need to check the check box depend on ur need just check it once

Hi sunil,

thanks for your reply ,but using excel spreadsheets in that template wizard, i want export data to excel sheet but i dont know which tables to export in sheet customer master data

go through this link, it may helps you…–-import-customer-mastervendor-master-and-their-primary-addresses/

Hi ven,

Thanks for your reply,but actually i have a requirement to submit the excel sheet to my client with vendor and customer master tables .but which tables to import in excel sheet with customer and vendor master tables supporting

Hi Rama,

For Customer details use CustTable and for Vendor details use VendTable

Hi santosh,

thanks for your reply, but any supporting tables are there