Import Ledger transactions into ledger lines

Hi All

Can anybody know, how to import ledger transactions into general ledger lines? Example… Suppose i want to post multiple ledger lines(transactions) so which functionailty I should use?

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Hi Grish,

I am not sure if you talk about general journal lines ore generela ledger lines as you write:

Only journal lines can be posted.

Then just looking at your first question:

One of the basic rules in NAV (and probably any accounting software) is:

Do NOT import anything into ledger tables!

Ledger tables are populated by posteing data from journals and documents (invoices, etc.). This guarentees that the data obeys busniess rules and that your finacial data is consitent.

Hi Luc

Thanks for the reply… and I am talking about general journal lines. How to import general journal lines?



Updated this post as I now see that it’s about AX (and not NAV).

Importing can be done by building a Dataport (not on RTC), XMLport (not Classic Client for text import) to import the date. Or a Report or Codeunit.

But you need to understand the behavior of the General Journal to mimic this in code. Did you read this already: Validating Data #3: Cascading VALIDATEs? This in general does also apply to AX.

yes you can import data in gen . journal line through dataport.

Hi Girish,

are you talking about importing journal entries to Financial ->General Journal, if so you can do this by running a Macro and put all entries into a Batch. And after that you can review the batch if you want and post the same.