Import from Oracle, sales order not getting confirmed, purpose of linkActive()


This is uday, here i have some doubts about real time scenarios

1.How should we import a record with string type located in oracle into AX Environment converting it from string to integer type.?

2.when we creating a sales order after confirming the order if it does not get confirmed what should we do further to over come this issue?

3.what does linkactive() do…??

Hi Uday,

-1- you can create an ODBC connection link to Oracle database, then use X++ to read the data(find some example online about reading from ODBC, pay attention to SqlStatementExecutePermission ) if it’s string, use str2int() or str2int64() function to convert the data;

-2- Why sales order cannot be confirmed? I guess you should somehow confirm it, as this step is posting to Journal (custConfirmJour / custConfirmTrans), when these are missing, you probably will have problems, not sure.

-3- linkActive() Calls the FormDataSource.exeuteQuery method on data sources that are linked to the current data source. So, without it, the related data won’t get updated when you move to another record on the master data source.

Hope it helps.

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Hi kwen, Thanx for Ur Information