Import fob from NAV 6.0 to 5.0sp1

Hey Guys,

I have failed to do this import , but i am lazy and dont want to copy paste stuff from one designer to antoher.

I did my developments local on 2009 r2 but for a 5.0sp1 client … silly me .

Any idea on how should I save myself a 30 mins :slight_smile:



You have to edit the text file and manually remove any properties / sections that are not available in 5.0. These totally depend on the object types being imported.

Just to clarify for everyone :slight_smile:

I imported tables and forms and forms had no issue.

From the tables I removed the fieldgroups section and everything was imported just fine :slight_smile: !

thanks , Matt !


If I were your boss, I would have made you do it over in the 5.0 client :wink:

I would have suggested this