Import/export Item Picture from/to Excel - Business Central oncloud extension

Hi All,

Is possible to Import/Export Item picture from/to excel file? We are planning to develop cloud extension for this feature.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks


Yes it is possible, but most NAV/BC partner/developer would know that.

And if you don’'t that, then may I suggest to start by getting every developer in your team more AL development training. Even experienced NAV developers would need that, or months of learning AL on your. Two days may be enough for them, but if you come with no previous NAV or BC experience, then at least a week of training.

The only thing you would need to do, is to create a new report, then in the layout insert the image (see how in the invoice report - the logo). Then use SAVEASEXCEL when you run it, and you have an Excel file.

In NAV I have also imported files, that was using DOT.NET directly in NAV, which is not possible in BC saas. Instead you can do the same, but you need to create a Azure Function to do the same. The same could be done to export it from code instead.