Import & export & hyperlink.

hi All.

I have Created a table with two fields Entry No.(Integer),File Blob(Blob)and also Created the form with button

Now what i ned is that, If i click the button that should ask for the file location and selected file should be stored in blob.

And In another button if i click, the stored file should open(any formats).

i was Using common dialog management codeunit for reference.

now i want to from import and hyperlink function to open the file.File should be stored locally first.

Any suggests will be very helpful


Sorry, what i meant is that, now i want to import the file and the file should open in hyperlink. And the file should be stored first locally too.


And i am using commom dialog managament to import!


Hi Shona,

have a look at this:

Item Card->Menu Button “Item”->Picture. There is everythin you need, you just have to add a “hyperlink”-command after the export.



oh are you saying about the form 1 in cronus? i know about that! thanks any way! i was using it! but the coding done in import and export i cant understand!

how have they used the field picture for coding? without initailizing it?

the codes are like this!

Import codes

PictureExists := Picture.HASVALUE;
IF Picture.IMPORT(’*.BMP’,TRUE) = ‘’ THEN
IF PictureExists THEN

can you tell me?

Well the trick is that “Picture” is of Type BLOB which is why it has the functions IMPORT and EXPORT, so if you’re fine with having the file stored in the Database this is the way to go. Maybe you just have to replace the “’*BMP’” with what is suitable in your case.

Regards Jan

i tried thta! but i dont know who they are accesing the picture.HASVALUE in this code! i ger error saying this value is nt assigned8321.picture.bmp (2.25 MB)

i have just changed the name from picture to process !that al! and picture is a field in the Form 1 in cronus! but i dont have any field as process in my table.! 'm so confused!

please help!


Well, acutally I’m a little confused now, too. Which table does the form you posted above use?

Hi Shona your code should be like this.Instead of using Picture use your table field File Blob

To Import Picture into the table

IF “File Blob”.IMPORT(’*.BMP’,TRUE) = ‘’ THEN




To Export Picture from the Table


“File Blob”.EXPORT(’*.BMP’,TRUE);

To Delete File From Table



CLEAR(“File Blob”);



The field named Picture is not available in your table thats the reason for your error mesage

oh you are welcomes to join my club then!

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you are great man! thanks will try out and let you know:)

hey marshal,

i tried that import code this is the error 'm getting!

3225.ero.bmp (2.25 MB)


First learn how to know copy and paste you have missed you have missed the double qts in the field name

IF “File Blob”.IMPORT(’*.BMP’,TRUE) = ‘’ THEN

Sorry Shona by mistake i typed that sentnce

i’ really sorry

hey two much! i typed the codes! sorry!

hey now i can import it in blob! but when i press export, no action is performed! do yo why?

hey and whta about hyperlink? how do i get that?

thanks for your patience,

Check export code there is an if condition that mean if the File Blob fied have any valu then only it ill export

so first import your picture then try to export

hey thats okay! no need for sorry and all:) you were right! i did missing the quotes:)