Import/Export Disabled

When i try to import the objects modified by me at my clients site. The import/export buttons are disabled in the main menu. But, When I try to use his licence on my system the same work perfectly alright. Can anyone put some light on this. I am not able to find out why this is happening. Thx in advance for ur valuable solutions. Jagjeet

Hello Jagjeet, Is the client running on Navision Financials 2.01? Are you using a different terminal when you log on? If so, they need to have SP2 for Navision Financials 2.01 applied to their clients, as there was a bug…sorry feature, in 2.01a that disabled the import and export of objects. This was fixed in 2.01b. Hope this is of assistance. -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited

hi edward, Thx abt the solution. The client is running 2.01 but not sure whether its ‘A’ or ‘B’. I will check that. Thats true i m using the different terminal in my office when i m using it its enabled but when open at the client site these are disabled. Jagjeet

Hi. The import/export features are disabled when an user is not SUPER. I don’t know if you use a superuser when you’re trying to import/export objects. Hope this helps. Bye.