Import Database Log-in & Security Roles

Nav 3.1b Native Anyone know a good method of importing security roles and users into a pre-existing DB? There has to be a good method. We are adding two new companies with new security roles. I want to know how I can easily add these changes from the test server into the production server when we are ready. I thought backing up and restoring the “Data common to all objects” would do the trick but it doesn’t seem to work unless I make a full back-up and restore. I hate to hear the only option is to use a dataport. Thanks in advance. Owen

Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v [:D]

If you want to copy information from several tables (Permissions, Chart of Accounts, Customers, Currency codes & rates, etc.), you may be interested to look at this tool: Company Copy: Very useful if two companies in the same database are similar.