Import Data with Dimensions

Hi Experts,

I’ve read the forum to include ‘Dimension as Column’ on the Configuration Worksheet. and somehow I was able to export the Gen. Journal Line template with Dimensions on it. Here is the link to the forum.

Initially I was trying to export the Template on the Standard Configuration Package window. and until now I cannot figure out why the Dimensions are not coming out eventhough I have tick the ‘Dimension as Column’. It seems like it will only work on the Configuration Worksheet and not on the standard Configuration Package Window.

And Last, If really cannot export the Dimension is there a way to transfer the tables from Standard Configuration Package Window to the Configuration Worksheet?

Thank you.

Did you check the blog video which is available in link you have added in your post?

Hi Mohana,

Thanks for the reply. Yes I saw the video… I’m just wondering what is the purpose of “Dimension as Columns” in Standard Configuration Package Window if Dimensions cannot be exported to excel. It only works in the configuration worksheet.


Can you see dimensions Under Table–>Fields in Conf. Package Window?

Yes. I can also include or exclude the Dimensions. They are also on top of the list when I go to Fields, same with the configuration worksheet.

can you show us the screenshots.

I didn’t understand what are you trying to do.

Hi Mohana,

Thanks for the reply. I have attached a screenshots of the configuration Package. I am trying to export the template from the package instead of using the worksheet.

If you look at the function “Export to Excel” is not a template.

if you need a template then you need to use from Worksheet.

Yes, I am aware of that. That is why I was asking what is the used of the Dimensions as column in the Configuration package. Thanks for the help.

It will add Dimensions as Columns in the fields list…