Import data in to Ax 2009 through excel file .


i want to import data into general ledger → Journals → general journal form

here in this form i want to import data into selected fields … and i have to provide path for user to upload file and then data will have to automatically insert in to these fields .

how to begins … and from where to begin ??

help me ’


Could you explain in detail ?

hiee anitha

i want to import data from excel template to LG → Journals → Genral Journals, for respective accounts… requirnment is to provide a buttton on that form that every time user can import data through excel.

so i have done that part…

but in that excel template transaction date n reversing date field is there… so i have to validate these fields by date formates but i am not getting that at the time of import how to validate date ,


In the normal import of excel using definition group, you would have two options.

  1. You can specify your validations in the import criteria and this would process our data while importing


  1. In the overview tab, there is an option to validate data in field level or table level, This would call “ValidateWrite” or “ValidateField” when you import

Are you using definition group in your case?

yes i am appling velidation at the time of importing

but not able to validate date format for that

like i have 2 fields in template for date … but to validate date format i am not able to find any code.

please ;let me knew if there is any procedure for that …